• Welcome to Influence
    We are Grupo Tío Pujio,
    An Argentine Company of Farmers
  • Welcome to Influence
    We are Grupo Tío Pujio,
    An Argentine Company of Farmers
  • Welcome to Influence
    We are Grupo Tío Pujio,
    An Argentine Company of Farmers
  • Welcome to Influence
    We are Grupo Tío Pujio,
    An Argentine Company of Farmers
  • Welcome to Influence
    We are Grupo Tío Pujio,
    An Argentine Company of Farmers

Balanced Feed

GTP Balanced Feed is our latest line of balanced feed created with products specially formulated to achieve a high output.

GTP works to put at your disposal optimized products in its cost-benefit relationship. We offer a line of food products for dairy cattle, pre-partum cows, calves rearing and feedlot claves.


Laboratory analysis

Your growth is our growth. We have our own laboratory where specialists in animal nutrition develop and improve on the different formulas used by our customers in their projects.

Calf shelter

We offer shelter, food and the necessary care for the rearing of calves. This service is for farmers from the region.
Our shelter has the capacity for about 3,000 animals.
GTP works together with veterinarians specialized in nutrition and animal health, which contributes to a better development in the animal growth.
We believe that the farmers’ future depends on the artificial rearing of calves; for that reason, we would like to invite you to know our method of rearing.


We work hard to provide any solution to our clients in the area of cattle breeding. We represent and commercialize a large variety of vet products and services, which allows us to have an outstanding position in the regional market.
The animals’ well-being and health are our main goals; that is why we sell high-quality products. We would like to invite you to form part of our group of clients.

Selling and buying of heifers

GTP is specialized in the selling and buying of Holando-Argentino and Jersey heifers. Our responsibility, experience, professionalism, and seriousness lead us to be one of the biggest sellers and buyers for the milking parlors in our region.
We work with a team specialized in commerce who can answer all your questions and doubts.
We know our clients’ needs and that is why we offer products that meet their expectations. We invite you to join us because we would like to contribute to your growth.

About Us

Our vision

We work to be a leader in the agricultural market by offering high-quality and sustainable products, which benefits our company, society and the natural environment.

Our mission

We are committed to elaborating and selling high-quality products in order to help farmers to further their farming productivity, confidence and potential.

Our values

Ensure Integrity

At Grupo Tío Pujio, we put great emphasis on the propagation of values; that is why we operate in accordance with them. Our mission determines who we are as an organization and how people define us.

Respect others and succeed together

Our mutual success depends on mutual respect, inside and outside the company. We work together as a team, creating a good and warm working atmosphere. We also recognize the importance and value of teamwork in turning our goals into accomplishments.

Promote a general well-being of employers

Our company offers a high quality of life to the employers to ensure their physical, social and emotional well-being. We implement a continuous training system to contribute to their professional and social development.

Sell high quality products and be committed to the service we offer

All decisions and processes are oriented to improving the quality of our products and services. We work for a continuous improvement of our processes for a better satisfaction.

Encourage innovation

Our team is free to introduce new ideas and express them without feeling that they are mistaken. They should see an opportunity to grow in each possibility of change.

Promote sustainability

Being sustainable means protecting the natural habitats and diversity. Grupo Tío Pujio is committed to being part of that effort. Our main principle is to protect and preserve our planet resources for the future generations in our community.

Promote social responsibility with the community

Our principle is to integrate our activities with our community by participating in local activities and events.


  • Business hours

    Monday through Friday, from 08:00 am. to 04:00 pm.

  • Our Location

    Neuquén s/n, Tío Pujio, Córdoba, Argentina (CP: 5936)

  • Contact information


    Phone: +54 353 486 0613

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